Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Is What Love Looks Like!

Amazing Love

  Most everyone has a love story to tell whether it be your own or belong to someone else. Some of the stories I love are those of people I know. For example my grandfather served in the Marines and every time he was deployed he sent my grandmother the most unbelievable love letters. Only those who knew him would understand the impact these letters had. Never would I have imagined he could write such romantic letters to my grandmother. So many of our friends have displayed an amazing picture of love by choosing to adopt children. When I see these families at church I'm reminded of their incredible love for their children.

 It only took three months

 My favorite love story of all time has to be my own. (insert big smiley here) Most people would think we were crazy because we only dated three months and got married! Yes I said three months!! We will soon be married twenty-two years, it seems like forever and like only yesterday at the same time. I can't imagine my life without this man of mine. He challenges me to become a stronger Christ- follower, and a more patient mother and friend. I love knowing I will soon have him all to myself when the nest becomes empty…ha!

Never give up

   This past week my mother-in-law sent me an article from the February issue of Readers Digest about a man who would do anything for the love of his life. No doubt this couple has a love story to outlast time. I'm posting the article below and including a picture from the article.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

He tracked down a kidney
When doctors told Larry Swilling, 77, that his wife 
Jimmie Sue’s only kidney was failing, he knew he had 
to do something quickly. Larry couldn’t donate to his wife of 57 years, and Jimmie Sue, 76, was too sick to wait three years or more for an anonymous kidney donation. So Larry took to the streets of the couple’s town of Anderson, South Carolina, wearing a homemade sign that read Need Kidney 4 Wife in big red letters. Larry got some strange looks as he hung around busy street corners, but “I don’t care what people think,” he told CBS News. “She looks after me, and I look after her.” After the local news covered the story, Larry’s act of love went viral, inspiring more than 100 strangers to get tested to donate to Jimmie Sue. Nearly a year after Larry began his unconventional search, the couple found a match, and Jimmie Sue underwent surgery to receive a kidney from Kelly Weaverling, a 41-year-old retired Navy lieutenant commander from Virginia. Says Kelly, “I just had a feeling that it was the right thing to do.”    —A. J.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Family Christmas Card

 I am already starting to dread the family picture for the Christmas cards. There are few things that I
 spend time worrying  about, but the  card is one. It has been three years since we have sent out a card. The first year I skipped  sending  one was due to the fact I couldn't  get my bunch to cooperate for a photo, year two I was sick and really wasn't up to the task of doing the card. The following year we did pictures, Oh did we do pictures! When you have three women in one family the chances of everybody liking the same photo is nearly impossible, which is what happened last year.
 So, that brings me to this year, and the chore of actually doing family pictures. I have made an appointment with a sweet friend at the end of this month to do the dreaded photo. I have high hopes for this year. I'm not quite sure the fact that the day of our appointment happens to be the day of the  Iron Bowl has completely sunk in to Jason or Anna's brain.
  I have painstakingly searched on Pinterest, looked through old Christmas cards that we have received from other families, and I have even went so far as to look at our past photos and try to dissect what exactly went wrong. All of this trouble has brought me to one question "why on earth do we do this to ourselves".  I have been able to come up with two logical answers we as mothers are completely insane, and or  glutton for punishment.
 Since my girls have been babies I have taken this challenge of getting a good picture ( I'm not even looking for great) for Christmas, and we have had some good years and some bad. Now that I look back  over the last 20 years of doing this I believe I finally have figured out why I torture myself each year, and all through the year snapping pictures. The only answer I can come up with if we don't want miss one single moment, because we know that before we turn around that moment is forever gone.
 We seem to wish this stage or that stage to end and all the while we are wishing away time and unfortunately our babies are caught in that time. I look back at all the Christmas's that have gone past and  wonder what happened to those little girls in the photos.  I can still see the same smile, the same sparkle in their eyes and the same love looking back at me as I snap the pictures.
 So when I start to ask myself "What was I thinking doing this to myself?) I will remember that for all the craziness of the dreaded photo that next year they will have changed from this year. And for just a moment I stopped time and caught that precious moment, because I'm never getting this one back.
Just remember while you're listening to  complaining, the rolling of eyes, and my favorite " she's touching me" that this is one minute in time and then its gone. That's what I'm going to tell myself this year, and of course "May the odds be ever in your favor".

I'm including a few of our attempts at getting a good picture, now all I do is laugh when I look back at them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

21 Years and Counting

  This week on August 15th God undeniably gave me the greatest blessing He ever has. I married my best friend. Now I have to tell you we didn't start out as best friends it took some time to develop, seeing how we only dated only three months! I'm saying "3", Tres' ONLY THREE! I would not advise this for the faint of heart. I knew Jason before we dated,but were not close nor friends. I really don't have the words to describe what this man of mine has been through being married to me. He has been almost killed by bullets that I had left in a box as he was burning while cleaning out junk. He has been scratched by a cat that he hated (which we only had because I wanted her), he endured being puked on by myself and the children. He has had to clean wounds, hold bed pans, and gone on more doctor appointments than I could ever begin to count. Not to mention the countless hours of painting, rearranging the house just because I couldn't make up my mind. People say all the time jokingly that someone is a saint, and will have crowns of the way they lived their life, but my man will without a doubt be at the front of the line.
  He is the only person that I know that never has an unkind word to say about anyone, he never gossips, backbites, or put someone down to make himself feel superior. The patience he has with me and the girls is the thing stories are written about in history books. The mercy and grace he bestows toward me in all my goofiness and stupidity is  a mirror image of Christ himself. There is no doubt that my daughters have been  given a perfect picture of what God our father love is to us. He loves them unconditionally and takes the time to teach them even when he has to discipline them. He is everything I prayed for and those things I had no idea I ever needed.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?

  OK, well I've decided that today is as good as time as ever to start back blogging. I've had a friend revamping my blog, so I've used that as an excuse for not posting. It has been a year and seven months since the transplant, and I really have no idea  where the time has gone. Oh wait! Life has happened. Ive managed to sell my business, start a new one, have a child graduate from high school, and have another start a sport that clearly is taking on a life of its own. Lord help me! I will not attempt to tell you about all of these in one post, due to the fact it could take days, and no doubt you would surely never finish it all.
  I'm going to attempt to tell you about my sweet baby graduating from high school, since coincidentally today is Anna's 19th birthday is today. Words can hardly express how one feels when their child is graduating. Maybe I can sum it up in one word Hallelujah! Now I don't want you to think I was not sad, because I was. It was most defiantly bitter-sweet, due to the fact that my baby is growing up, I am getting older, and I  barely see her now that she has started college. I have to say people always told me "it goes so fast' and I was like yeah, yeah,yeah, but oh my word they weren't lying. I honestly can say I have no idea where the time has gone. Granted I still remember the sleepless nights, the potty training, which I promise there were days I thought she would go to college in pull-ups, the temper tantrums when she was claiming her independence, the drama with friends, boys and all that was in between. Even with all those happy and not so happy memories I still can't see where the last 19 years have gone.
  I know as a momma we wonder if we are doing it all correctly, or to be honest if we are doing any of it correct, coincidentally are children are quick to tell us we are "so doing it wrong", but now on the other side of one of my children on her way out of my house and the other almost there I think I have small amount insight of how to make it. For heavens sake what ever you do PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, because that is the only way you will ever survive it with any sense left in your head, and not spend the rest of your life in a padded room. You think I'm kidding, but I promise I am not! God help us all that have girls, now don't think I don't love and adore mine, but no question they are hard. I mean H-A-R-D, as in hard like they think their mothers are the dumbest people on earth, not to mention we have no sense of style, nor do we know what everybody else is doing. At times they treat us as we have never left the house and have a huge hump on our backs, which cause people to cringe every time we leave the house. If you have toddlers you may think I'm joking, but I promise I am so not. There were days I honestly didn't think either of us would survive those wonderful adolescence years, but now looking back it was necessary for Anna to become the woman God has called her to be. Jason and I should have known she would be a confident, independent, and woman after God. In all her shenanigans she has always had a tender heart toward God, and always tried to put others first. I started praying over her when she was in the womb and I have never stopped. I had always prayed for her to seek God first, make a stand for what she saw was right and true, and she has truly  become that woman. I don't know what we did right in all the wrong that we did, but God blessed us in all our stupidity in spite of ourselves.
  I guess I'm telling you all of that to tell you this one bit of advice "what ever you do HANG IN THERE" it will go by so fast your head will spin. We are only give a small window to in steal all that God needs for us to as parents to teach them. And when you think you are doing it all wrong at times, which you probably are, just as I did, hold fast He so has this. Isaiah 55:11 says"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

                                                                              love in Christ, Jenn


Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm About To Scream!

   As I sit and read the views from different people about the election I am very discouraged. I have been blessed by God to have been given life four times in my 40 years. Once by birth and the other three through organ donation.Over the years the doctors have given years of treatment to sustain my life. It has occurred to me that had I not wanted to have my beautiful girls I could have ended their lives. It is unbelievable to me that my life has been so important, but theirs could have been over before starting. 
  I have been disappointed in the things that I have seen believers write about in this election. One in particular  that has a huge following has said that the abortion is just a and I quote " a straw in this election". WHATEVER! I'm sick of Christians saying we shouldn't just vote on moral issues, because when it all comes down what else can we really vote for. If you have have ever had a child or been close to someone who has I would like for you to convince them that that baby wasn't a baby at conception. I'm pretty sure they will be ready to run you over with their car! 
  I'm not writing this post to condemn anyone if you have been in this situation I promise. I am just sick and tired of Christians not taking a stand on God's truth. Psalm 139:13 " For thou has possessed my reins: thou has covered me in my mothers womb." David was pretty sure God knew us before we even were. 
  I don't know when we as Christians started to lean so far to  liberal beliefs. I can't help but wonder what Christ would say in our present state. I know he would show grace and mercy, but i find it hard to believe that he wouldn't hold us accountable for the decisions we are making as a country. I don't worry tons about the future because I know He is sovereign and His will and purpose will come. 
  Election Day will come Tuesday November 6th and it will go for another four years, and God will not be surprised for one moment at the results. The world will still keep going for now due to his plan, and we will still need to pray for every leader that is in office. 
                                                                                        love in Christ,


Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Back and Here Comes Summer Reading!

So much has happened since I last posted! I have been posting on the blog I have with my husband and it is too had to keep up with this one, but I'm going to try. I'm going to start with a little of what has been going on in our crazy lives.My oldest daughter Anna just graduated from high school and that has had us running crazy! I will try to catch everybody up in the weeks to come, but today I'm going to start by posting my reading list for the Summer! Here goes! They are in the picture but the two I'm reading on Kindle.

  • The Screw Tape Diaries  C.S.Lewis
  • Spring Fever  Mary Kay Andrews ( for fun)
  • The Orchard  Jeffery Stepakoff ( a book my sister gave me and got signed) 
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs (some parts just as a reminder how blessed I am)
  • The Mark of theLion Series  Francine Rivers ( I read these every year)
  • 7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess  Jen Hatmaker (I'm reading it for the 2nd time because I need it badly)

I think that's all I can handle for the summer, and I hope to get all those read! My friend is re-vamping my blog before too much longer. Praise the Lord! After she has her newest addition to her family!

love from my sweet life,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Birthday, Surgery, Graduation and A Wedding

And were off…
I have always known this day would come, and knew I would never be ready for Anna’s graduation. Our lives have been so crazy! We have been on the go for I know two weeks and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  I know every parent says ” I don’t know where the time has gone” and my goodness it is so true! It seems like yesterday that Anna was running around with pig-tails, and dragging her doll “pink baby” everywhere we went. I have to say I am really excited that Anna is starting a new chapter in her life. I’m not one of those mothers who mourn when their children start to grow up. Now I’m not saying there will not be a tear or two, ok I will admit there will be many tears. It’s not going to be easy watching her walk across that stage and receive her diploma, but God has a plan for her life and I get really excited to watch Anna start this next chapter.
The week began with our church honoring the graduates at all three service on Sunday with a luncheon with their family. Then all the grandparents and my sister and her husband came over to our house to celebrate Chloe’s birthday.  After the birthday celebration we went to a presentation at church called “Point of Impact” . Point of Impact was led by our church staff to share information and cast a vision. So as you see our Sunday was quite busy but oh, we are not through yet. Chloe got a new set of golf clubs and was itching to go to the driving range, which turned into 4 buckets of balls and playing 5 holes. I will share more about the golf course and Jason beginning to have lower abdominal pains in a minute.
My little adddict…
Chloe has found her thing in school and hobby ,she loves golf and wants to go everyday that Jason can take her. We just celebrated her fourteenth birthday. Our family decided to give her a new set of clubs, and oh my…..they are expensive! Chloe was so excited ! Her birthday was yesterday the 22nd and we decided to celebrate early on Sunday due to the fact that graduation is the same week. As I mentioned earlier our plan was to go to the range so she could hit a bucket or two of balls. Well, I should have know that would not have been sufficient  enough, we ended up putting in the dark on our last hole.  I will have to say she was smacking that ball pretty well! I can’t wait to see how much she will improve over the summer.
Swapping places
For the first time in 20 years Jason and I have swapped places. If you remember I mentioned earlier that Sunday evening when we went to the golf course Jason was having lower abdominal pains. Well it turned out that he had appendicitis. I tried to get  him to go to the ER on Sunday night but he did not want to inconvenience anyone to stay with the girls, so he promised he would go to get checked out on Monday if he was not any better. Jason called me about 12:00 and said he was on his way to the ER, and that’s when the craziness began of me trying to reschedule appointment. Then Jason called back and said they were going to do surgery in about two hours and I would have plenty of time to get down to the hospital. Then Jason called back a third time, this time he was borrowing the nurses phone because his phone had died, he said they are taking me back to surgery NOW!!. Oh my, it had only been 15 min since he said it was going to be two hours…..uhhhhh! I finished up at work and drove the speed limit all the way to RMC ( of course I did not speed. ha! ha!) It was really weird to see him laying in a hospital bed and those reclining chairs in the room are not very comfortable at all to sleep in!
Up at 4:
You know there would be more to this week, right? I also had a clinic appointment at UAB on Tuesday morning. I had to get up and leave the hospital at 4:30 to go home to get ready for my trip to UAB. My sister was sweet enough to go with me since Jason was still in the hospital. Jeff my brother-in-law had a doctor’s appointment and was already off work so he went to stay with Jason and bring him home. Jason is doing really good, he just has some trapped air in his shoulders from surgery. The day  finished with Anna’s  baccalaureate service and more tears….LOL!
The weekend in packed too
This weekend after graduation one of my best friend daughter is getting married, and we are so excited about it. Both Anna and Chloe are  in the wedding, and it is going to be so much fun. I will be doing the brides hair, which is always so much fun to see the end result, and get to pamper her.
live from the crazy farm